About us

Our Mission

To share the treasures of Samoa with the world

Our Values

Love – we make sure that everything we do and say is from a place of love

Knowledge – we share our knowledge with everyone and encourage all to be lifelong learners

Innovation – we use the latest in technology, strategy, and teaching methods

Collaboration – we collaborate with Samoans around the world

Respect – we respect all humans, animals, plants, and life

Authentic – we remain authentic to ourselves and the Samoan culture

About Measina Samoa

Measina is the Samoan word for treasures of Samoa. While it is usually linked to the culture and language of Samoa, we believe that the word itself incorporates all the treasures that Samoa has to offer: it's language, it's culture, it's land, it's people and their products. Measina Treasures of Samoa amplify Samoan culture through our online store, workshops and online courses.

Our Team

Our team is made up of:

  • Morwenna Petaia (CEO)
  • Logan Tapuala (Siva Afi Instructor and Performer) 

Our Creators Past and Present


A small selection of Measina Samoa products can be found at:

Collaborate With Us

If you are a Samoan creator or simply want to share the treasures of Samoa and would like to collaborate with us please contact us via email at sales@measinasamoa.com.au