Siva Afi Teine Toa - Measina Treasures of Samoa
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Siva Afi Teine Toa

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Teuila is the only girl competing in her first ever Siva Afi competition. Mika is the current Siva afi champion, who is not afraid of anyone. In this story of courage, Teuila and Mika learn about the importance of their feagaiga as brother and sister, while discovering their true inner toa warrior spirits.


  • High interest - Siva Afi or Ailao Afi (fire dancing). 
  • Develops cultural understandings and knowledge around important elements of Samoan culture and history. 
  • Stunning illustrations and graphic novel elements, to visually engage readers. 
  • Ideal for all junior, middle and senior primary aged students, families and educators. 
  • Provides safe access to Samoan language, culture and history.