10 Places to Eat in Samoa with Air Conditioning

air conditioned places in Samoa places to eat in Samoa Samoa

While I love the weather in Samoa, this trip it took me while to acclimatise. So, while I don’t mind places to eat that are not air conditioned, sometimes you just need a break from the sweat. Here are 10 places in Samoa to eat that have air conditioning.

  1. Mari’s Café

We love Mari’s and have been eating here for years. My old work office was located just above and so I would eat there often. More recently we went back, and the customer service and food were still amazing. Highly Recommend!



 Rosys Burgers

  1. Rosy’s Burgers

Rosy’s Burgers were not here when I lived in Samoa. During our recent trip I went there twice. I love their fish burger and the mayo that they use for the chips is amazing! Recommend trying Rosy’s Burgers and love that we can add it to our 10 places to eat with air conditioning in Samoa.



Kung Noodles

  1. Kung Noodles

We went to Kung Noodles once and it was lovely. There was a play area inside for children which is great if you are travelling as a family. Mostly noodle soups and the sizes are big. I enjoyed my food.



Bistro Tatau Cloud Cake

  1. Bistro Tatau

Bistro Tatau has top end customer service. The ambience inside the restaurant is amazing. I have eaten at Bistro several times over the years. I always know that I will receive excellent customer service there. It is a high-end restaurant so expect to pay more than other restaurants. If you do visit try the chocolate cloud cake, it is delicious.


  1. Pickled Lam Scalinis

I have not been able to go to this restaurant this trip. I have been when it was Scalinis, I am not sure if it is still Scalinis or if it has rebranded to Pickled Lam. They are airconditioned. Food was amazing 10 years ago and I have not heard a bad thing about them since. I just wish I had enough time to eat everywhere.


  1. EnTs Café

Their breakfasts were lovely. I have not been there this trip, but all my friends are still recommending this place so definitely a place to try out.


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  1. Café Cornwall

I have not eaten at this restaurant. I attended a Bridal Shower there and the venue is so cute! The air conditioning worked great. Their Bento looks delicious!


  1. All Things Sweet

I am hoping to try before I leave but have heard wonderful things about All Things Sweet. They have a selection of sweets but also have a menu of items to choose from. They also make cakes, cater and do grazing tables.


  1. Mc Donald’s

It has been upgraded. It looks great and service is better. Sizes are bigger than Australia so a large in Australia is a Medium in Samoa. Expensive for what it is but airconditioned. It is usually busy no matter what time you go. Inside and drive thru are equally as busy. McDonalds would be the most reliable place to eat in Samoa with air conditioning and has also increased some days to 24 hours of service.


  1. Nourish Café

Still on my list of places to eat at in Samoa. Their café is so cute. They have a children’s play area as well as a separate sweets section called honey pot. I am hoping that I have time this trip to try it out and taste some of their crepes.


Let us know if there is a place to eat you would add to this list. If you liked this blog, you might want to read How to Make 5 of our Favourite Samoan Foods

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  • Sally on

    11. Rivaiv Cafe – at Moto’otua or Vaitele next to CrossFit Fatutoa. Air on and great vegetarian / mixed menu.

    12. Kure Juice Bar – opposite SOS at Togafu’afu’a. Lovely range of smoothies, juices and healthy options such as salads and vegetarian meals too. Has aircon as well.

    13. Coffee Roasters – next to Kure Juice Bar. Amazing service, coffee interior decor also air con and simple delicious menu. Great customer service.

    14. Cafe 1962 – upstairs Lynn’s Supermarket. Great service, good meal options and variety of meals on menu, so as their specials.

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